Patient Reviews

"I've suffered from debillitating neck pain and migraines daily for nearly 20 years. I tried many treatment therapies from neurological and chirpractic to massage and physical therapy. After being treated by Dr. Singh for 2 months by life has made a tremedous turn around. He gave me steroid injections in my neck that relieved my neck and arm pain and provided my arm, fingers to have more mobility. Dr. Singh has been the FIRST and ONLY doctor to actually give me relief of my pain without PAIN MEDICATION, no drowsiness! And with such understanding of me as a person, care, and gentleness. Now I have a greatly reduced amount of headaches (awesome!). I can now help my daughter with her homework, play with her and actually be her Mom. Thank goodness for Dr. Singh!"

-Diane O. (C6 Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection, Cervical Facet Joint Injections)
"The spinal cord stimulator was the best option for me. I am the primary caregiver for my mother and father and need to be alert. Pain medication dulled my senses and only provided minimal relief of my pain. There are no side effects with the stimulator and I get great pain relief. It's a Win, Win situation. Since having the stimulator, I have played tennis, bowled, and have been able to lose more than 50 pounds. Dr. Singh has taken wonderful care of me through it all and I know he'll be there for me."

-Gina F. (Spinal Cord Stimulator)
"I fell down some stairs and fractured my back. I was in horrible pain and was unable to come into Dr. Singh's office, I was hurting so bad. Dr. Singh came out to my car in the parking lot and examined me. He explained the entire procedure to my family. He made me comfortable and I knew he was as skilled as he was kind. The kyphoplasty went great and I feel good as new. I now walk into Dr. Singh's office to hug him for how he helped me."

-Vivian B. (Kyphoplasty)
"Dr. Singh's expert training, sophisticated technique, and gentle bedside manner made my injection experience a complete success and something to be rivaled. His friendly and relatable personality, along with his caring and conservative approach, is just what patients need and deserve!"

-Cheri McDonald